Tune in online and at the Los Angeles Queer Biennial III on June 1, 2018 from 7pm-2am PST for Untitled Intimacy, an interactive digital performance that explores the technological mediation of intimacy and consent.

Untitled Intimacy is an unscripted, durational performance that invites people from around the world to participate in the making of a documentary film that explores the technological mediation of intimacy and consent.

The live-streamed filming begins when performance artist John Moletress and a second performer, who have only exchanged messages on Hornet, a gay social app, meet in-person for the first time for their date. The entire online broadcast of their interaction will unfold simultaneously across digital and physical locations around the world. At any time during the performance, the audience is invited into a pay-for-play participatory role, transmitting payment and actions via text to either performer’s mobile device, producing an unstable and shifting negotiation of consent and self-presentation.

This project utilizes crowdfunding filmmaking within the creative process in real time, giving the audience an immediate role in shaping the outcomes of the film. To this effect, the audience becomes an anonymous or unseen driver of the course of events, raising questions of how community surveillance and self-policing in queer spaces challenges categories of representation or “tribes”, consent and discretion.

All of the funds raised during the performance will go towards developing a feature-length documentary film that examines ideas of surveillance, reflexive physical and digital queer spaces, and the messiness of digital fantasy and reality in gay social app culture.

Created by John Moletress in collaboration with Vasilios Papapitsios | Executive Producer: Hornet | Producer: Eli Micky (Elijah McKinnon)